Best books to read, These novels are the most read having high ratings full of drama, romance and action. These are popular all over.


The Notebook

The Notebook is a romantic novel written by American novelist Nicholas Sparks. The notebook begins when Noah Calhoun return from world war 2 and is haunted by the beautiful girl he has seen 14years earlier. The story of Noah and Allie is romance and emotions. Later in 2004, a movie was released on it.  Best books to read.

95% liked the book


Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare a great English poet often called as England’s national poet ant the  Brad of Avon wrote the novel Romeo and Juliet full of romance and tragedy. Mainly a tragedy about two young lovers.  Best books to read.

82% liked the book


Jane Eyre

Published under the pen  Currer Bell by the author Charlotte Bronte was an English novelist and poet. It follows the story of an orphan girl and her experiences including her childhood, adulthood and her love with the Rochester.  Best books to read.

87% liked the book.

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Wuthering Heights

Emily Bronte an English novelist known for her work Wuthering Heights. It is a tragedy and gothic fiction.  Best books to read.

85%  liked the book.


Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen wrote Pride and prejudices was an English novelist. The novel is romantic, fiction and a satire. A movie is also released on this novel a popular one.

92% liked the book.


 The forty rules of love

The forty rules of love is a literary fiction written by Elif Shafak. Ella Rubenstein a 40year s old woman who is unhappily married takes a job as a literary reader agent. Ella searches for Rumi the dervish role in transforming the unhappy but successful cleric into an advocate of love, passionate poet.

95% liked the book.


Oliver Twist

Written by the great novelist Charles Dickens an orphan boy meets pickpocket and join the household where they are trained to steal. It’s a drama plus crime novel.

88% liked the book.


Great Expectations

The 13th novel Great Expectations written by Charles Dicken based on an orphan boy nicknamed pip.

82% liked the book.


Around the world in eighty days

Originally in frenched written by a French writer Jules Verne is a fiction adventure. The original title Le tour du monde en quatre-vents jours. In which Phileas Fogg, Passepartout and Aouda must travel around the world but just in 80 days. Best books to read.

87% liked the book.


A tale of two cities

A tale of two cities written by Charles Dicken a great novelist. It is the second best selling single-volume book of all times. It is set in London during and before the French revolution.

81% liked the book.