Today we will discuss the top 10 best selling products on Amazon. No doubt these products are ranked correctly on the top best products list. Let’s have a look at these products.


1: Echo dot second generation

You can imagine a product’s excellence by its ratings and good reviews. The echo dot second generation got reviews over 109,000 and has a star rating of 4.3. This product is no doubt the best product of 2018 on Amazon. Talking about this product, let us tell you what exactly this is. The best selling products on Amazon, amazon dot second generation is a voice controlled device and has Alexa to do whatever you ask her to do. This voice-controlled Alexa can do shopping for you by adding products for you in your shopping cart. It plays music and also tells the weather details as well.


2: Echo second generation

The echo second generation is similar to the echo dot second generation. But the only feature that makes it different from the echo dot is its voice capability. Yes! The echo second generation has voice quality much better than the echo dot and it can just fill a big enough room with music. With a star rating of 4.4 and over 23,000 amazing reviews, this device is categorized as the best selling products on Amazon.


3: Fire tv stick with Alexa voice remote

Allowing you to watch Netflix, Hulu, and the videos on Amazon on your television, the fire tv is ranking on top this year on Amazon. It also has Alexa as the voice controller on this device. This device has got 167,000 amazing feedbacks and a star rating of 4.4 is enough to tell the great performance of this gadget.


4: Fire HD 8 tablets with Alexa

The Fire HD 8 tablet is a portable entertaining machine for us. This device contains an e-reader in it. The Fire HD 8 tablet allows you to watch videos from various sites and also provides the service to video chat with others. You can play unlimited games on this tablet. With a star rating of 4.4 and reviews over 40,000, this device is considered in the top 10 devices of 2018.

5: Optimum wireless Bluetooth sports headphones

The optimum wireless headphone runs on the Bluetooth system which is very convenient for every person. These headphones are easily affordable and got a rating of 4.4 stars. This device is not only known for its amazing sound quality but is also known for the durability best selling products on Amazon.


6: Amazon echo show

The amazon echo show is the perfect choice for the latest generation. This gadget plays music with a high quality of sound. The echo show has got a screen of 7 inches and an amazing 5-megapixel camera. You can even use this device to make video calls with your friends.


7: Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet has got an affordable price with excellent qualities. This device has a 10.1 full HD display. It allows you to access applications, music, videos and of course reading.


8: Amazon echo plus

The echo plus has better sound qualities and features as compared to the original echo. With an improved microphone, this device is ranked as best selling products on Amazon of this year. This speaker only comes in a black and white colour.


9: Amazon echo spot

As compared to the features of the echo show, the echo spot comes with more compatible features. The front display of the echo spot is of 2.5 inches. With a fully round display, it also has a front camera. The built-in microphones are of high quality. We can connect to Alexa via these microphones.


10: Amazon cloud cam security camera

Amazon launched a security camera with a full HD result. This camera allows you to have a look at your home 24/7. It alerts you if something strange is caught on camera or notifies you of unusual movements. Amazon also launched a night vision mode in this camera. This gadget also has a two-way audio feature.


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