household products are now included in our basic needs. These amazing products are the best-selling products for the kitchen appliances in 2018. Today we are going to discuss the top household amazon products of 2018. These products contain amazing features and what these features are, let us tell you.


1: Instant pot 7 in 1 multicooker


Every kitchen needs a cooker, a cooker with multi features is the best choice. The instant pot 7 in 1 multicooker provides a programmable pressure cooker function. It includes functions like a slow cooker, rice cooker, a yoghurt maker and much more functions. This amazing kitchen appliances product has got a rating of 4.6 stars which is proof of its excellence. The product got total reviews over 28000.


2: URpower essential oil diffuser


The urpower essential oil diffuser got a rating of 4.5 stars and attracted reviews over 28000. This product is ranked on the basis of its performance in the top best amazon product of the year 2018. This product contains an LED light that patterns via various colours when you use it, kitchen appliances.

3: KRUPS F203 electric spice and coffee grinder


In just a couple of seconds, this grinder can grind up to 3 ounces of coffee. This product has got 13,000 reviewers and also a star rating of 4.1. This grinder can grind anything smoothly and instantly.

4: Honeywell HT 900 turboforce air circulator fan


The turboforce Honeywell HT 900 circulator fan is small that is enough to keep you cool. This fan does not consume much amount of electricity. This product got 15,600 reviewers and a star rating of 4.2.

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5: Smeg 2 slice toaster


Kitchen appliances the smeg two-slice toaster is of high quality. This toaster is ranked on the top because of its superior, parky and stimulate outlook. This toaster quickly toasts the slice because of the fast heating process.

6: Farberware classic microwave oven

This 1000 watt microwave is prepared from 100% stainless steel. It is the best microwave to meet your requirements. This microwave has got amazing design and features as well as best kitchen appliances.

7: Dash compact air fryer


This dash compact air fryer has got 1.6-quart nonstick fryer basket. It has features like temperature controller and an auto turn off feature. This fryer is the choice of this generation with modern designs and style.

8: Ninja professional blender


This ninja professional blender crushes eye like powder. It is used for blending and pureeing purposes. This blender contains strong six blades for blending. This blender has a 72 ounces jar used to blend a large amount of material.

9: Philips Viva air fryer


This viva air fryer of Philips can fry, bake, steam, grill, and roast material. All these functions are in one fryer which is amazing. This multiprocessor fryer 2.75-quart Philips fryer. No oil is required in this cooker for quick cooking.

10: Safe rest hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector


This product is the best choice if you are allergic to seasonal allergies. The amazon hypoallergenic mattress got 30000 reviews on the basis of its excellent performance. This mattress is allergy free and will definitely meet your requirements. This product has a star rating of 4.5.